Landscape and seascape genomics

Third-cycle level | 2.5 credits | Course code: NMAR311
HT 2023
Study period: 2023-10-30 - 2023-11-04
LANGUAGE OF INSTRUCTION: The course is given in English
Application period: 2023-06-12 - 2023-09-10

Course description

This course aims at detailed understanding and hands-on experience of using landscape genomic approaches for one’s own biological research questions. You will be presented for and trained in landscape genomic concepts and methods showing how genomic data combined with spatially resolved environmental data can be applied to address and answer research questions related to management and conservation.

A first day (voluntary) will contain introduction and training in using basic R and bash commands for those that are unfamiliar with these tools. The course will demonstrate how landscape genomics relate to population genetic concepts and approaches, how spatial environmental data is retrieved and analysed, how biophysical models are used to assess dispersal, and how genetic differentiation can be analysed. The course introduces bioinformatics software for population genomic analysis, likelihood based models and ABC models.

The course corresponds to 6 days of full time studies and is composed of lectures, demonstrations and computer labs.

Requirements and Selection

Entry requirements

For admission to the course, the applicant has to be registered as a doctoral student (third cycle education) or have a doctoral degree.


When there are more qualified applicants than the number of places on the course, a selection must be made according to this priority order:

  1. PhD students at the Faculty of Science
  2. PhD students at Lund University's Faculty of Science
  3. PhD students accepted at other universities whose research has the most relevant direction for the course
  4. Postdocs in the field of the course.
  5. Others with a doctoral degree

Other information

This course is an intense course given over 6 days time at the Tjärnö Marine Laboratory on the west coast of Sweden.

There is no course fee. Students will need to provide their own means of transportation to and from the course and there will be a fee for food.

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Department of Marine Sciences


Natural Science and Mathematics

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Landscape genomics, seascape genomics, population genetics, genetic diversity, landskapsgenomik, havslandskapsgenomik, populationsgenetik, genetisk diversitet

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