Inequality and power hierarchies in academia and society

Third-cycle level | 3.0 credits | Course code: KUF3020

Course description

The course aims to give the ph.d. students foundational knowledge about gendering processes and other stratifying processes in academia and society at large. A particular focus will be placed on the academic context of natural science and technology, and research practices. In addition to this the course will provide the ph.d. students with deepened knowledge about the importance of situating oneself as a researcher, based in the theory and methodology of feminist science studies. Thus the ph.d. students are provided with tools to reflext over their own research practices, and the conditions and possibilities in them.  

Requirements and Selection

Entry requirements

Open for all ph.d. students at Chalmers


Can only be applied for by doctoral students at Chalmers University of Technology

Other information

The course is carried out in the form of seminars and individual work.

Examination is made in the form of active participation in seminar discussions, as well as individual written assignments to be presented and discussed orally.


Course syllabus



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CONTACTLena Martinsson