Theories and Methods in Conservation

Third-cycle level | 7.5 credits | Course code: KVFU101
VT 2024
Study period: 2024-02-06 - 2024-06-07
LANGUAGE OF INSTRUCTION: The course is given in Swedish but can be given in English if necessary
Application period: 2023-12-19 - 2024-01-10

Course description

The course includes lectures, workshops and seminars, as well as oral and written reports. The course deals with theories and methods used in conservation research. The course providesan overview of commonly used theories and methods, and trains the ability to operationalise research problems. Furthermore, the course examines the relationship between a) specificscientific issues and the overarching disciplinary field, (b) between research in differentprofessional conservation areas and c) between scientific knowledge and professionalcompetence.

Requirements and Selection

Entry requirements

Entry to the course requires that the student is admitted to third-cycle education in Conservation or equivalent disciplines. 


Priority will be given to doctoral students in conservation or equivalent disciplines.

Course syllabus



Department of Conservation


Natural Science and Mathematics

Type of course

Method course


vetenskapliga teorier o metoder,

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