Algebraic topology

Third-cycle level | 7.5 credits | Course code: NFMV010
VT 2020
Study period: 2020-01-20 - 2020-03-21
LANGUAGE OF INSTRUCTION: The course is given in English
Application period: 2019-10-28 - 2020-01-09

Course description

A main idea in algebraic topology is to consider two spaces as equivalent if they have the same "shape". This course develops the basic tools of singular homology and cohomology for topological spaces to this end. Topics include: singular homology, CW complexes, homological algebra, cohomology and Poincare duality of topological manifolds.

Requirements and Selection

Entry requirements

Familiarity with topological spaces, covering spaces and the fundamental group will be assumed, as well as comfort with the structure of finitely generated modules over a PID. This material is covered in, for example, the following courses:

MMG500: Algebraic structures

MMA100: Topology

MMA300: Commutative algebra (preferable but not essential)


Not relevant.

Course syllabus


Reading and reference list

Reading and reference list for the course


Department of Mathematical Sciences


Natural Science and Mathematics


algebraic, topology

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