Introduction to Peace and Development Research

Third-cycle level | 7.5 credits | Course code: SFGS313
HT 2023
Study period: 2023-09-04 - 2023-10-06
LANGUAGE OF INSTRUCTION: The course is given in English
Application period: 2023-06-22 - 2023-08-21

Course description

The course is an introduction to the field of peace and development research. The main emphasis is on how questions of peace and development have been, and could be, approached in academic research in a diverse interdisciplinary field. Students will read selected literature to make inroads to the field, and link it up with Peace Research as is practiced today.

Target group

This course is compulsary for PhD students in Peace and Development Research at the School of Global Studies, University of Gothenburg. The course is also open for students enrolled in a PhD program in Peace and Development Research, Environmental Social Science or other relevant fields of study at other departments and universities.

Requirements and Selection

Entry requirements

In order to be eligible for the course the applicant must be registered on a PhD program. A good command of English is vital.


PhD students at the School of Global Studies will be given priority. Other applicants will be assessed and admitted based on the relevance of their PhD project.

Other information

The course is given on campus, which means course participants must attend lectures and seminars in Gothenburg.

The course runs as a full time course and is taught with a mix of lectures, group discussions, individual readings, written assignments and seminars.

Course syllabus



School of Global Studies


Social Science

Type of course

Subject area course


Utvecklingsforskning, Tvärvetenskaplig forskning, Development studies, Inter-disciplinary research, Peace and conflict studies, Freds- och konfliktforskning

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